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Sr. Lorenzo Rojo

English Posted on %PM, June 26 2015 14:42:42

22-06-2015 Kobe, Japan

Mr. Lorenzo Lojo who is around the world cyclist from Spain(basque) arrived to Kobe. (left) He cycled 195,000km, 89 countries for 18 years. He cycled Kyusyu, Shikoku and Honshu in Japan. He is heading to eastern Japan, Gunma-ken and Fukushima-ken to meet some his friends. When I talk with him, he gave me many travel information that I already forgot. I remembered many my friends name who are also his friends. Traveling by bicycle is how nice! It has freedom. I wish he has safe trip until finish his trip.

The man (right side) is Mr. Kim who is Lorenzo’s host in Kobe. Kim is triathlon man. He loved bicycle travel very much. Kim got XTERRA Warrior Award 2007.

Voyager of the Seas left Kobe

English Posted on %PM, July 10 2012 15:40:01

10-July 2012, Kobe, Japan

Voyager of the Seas is one of the largest passenger ship in the world arrived Kobe yesterday. It is called “Floating hotel”. It bring 5000 passengers and stuffs from Shanghai, China. They stay Kobe only 2 days. Many passengers enjoy shopping and eating at Sannomiya, visited old capital city of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. I hope they enjoy to stay Kansai.


English Posted on %PM, April 13 2012 12:17:03

Friday 13-April 2012 Kawanishi, Japan

My grandfather passed away 3:10 AM today. He was 104 years old.

Crossing Nullarbor Plain by bike

English Posted on %PM, March 10 2012 16:22:22

22-Feb. 2012 Perth, Australia

Mr. Ikemoto and I could make presentation at primary school in Perth. My new friend Conrad and Vanessa invited us. I told students that how wonderful to see the real world by ourselves. We could make many friends on the road. Of course it is not always easy, I sometimes got bad troubles. We must learn how to survive… Children seems very exciting.

Our journey was over. We could finish our cycling between Adelaide and Perth. Mr. Ikemoto was so happy to finish our mission. Because he was so tired to pedal everyday. Of course his age (64 years old) let him so tired. It is not easy to cycle 70 km everyday with many luggage for his age.

We spent 45 days in Australia. We cycled 2907 km. We move between 25km and 130km everyday. It was 47 degrees at hottest time. tired, hungry, thirsty, painful,hot, cold,….There are some trials.

The Nullarbor Plain 1200km, we spent 2 weeks. There is no towns. The landscape was not change many days…forest and prairie. We can not see such a wild area in Japan. There is great wild landscape. We saw a lot of dead Kangaroos everyday. It means there is a lot of wild kangaroos live in. We drink a lot of Coca Cola. We spent a lot of money for accommodation and food when we arrived roadhouses. A bottle of water (1.5 little) was 6.5 Australian dollar (5.2 Euro) at Nullarbor Plain. We often eat chips (fried potato) and white bread. We always wanted to eat fresh vegetables and to drink cold drinks. It was nice to meet people at isolated area. Some travelers gave us food and water. We met Conrad on the road. He invited us to stay his house in Perth. Finally we arrived Perth and could spend great time with his family. I am very happy to meet new friends! Thanks a lot!


We go to Australia!

English Posted on %AM, January 13 2012 06:49:24

12-01-2012 Osaka, Japan km:0

Mr. Ikemoto and I left Japan 12th Jan. We will cycle Australia between Adelaide and Perth for 45 days. Mr. Ikemoto made his project to cycle Nullarbor Plain by his own sailing bicycle.
When I left my house, the weather in Osaka was cold, 0 degrees. But Adelaide is warm and dry, there is 26 degrees. We were happy to go to warm place. Our new bicycles made by Panasonic. It is great and looks beautiful. We are exciting to start our cycling soon.

sailing cycle project-Australia

English Posted on %AM, January 11 2012 03:40:01

24-12-2011 Osaka, Japan

Mr. Motomitsu Ikemoto (right) 64 years old who is president of Japan Adventure Cyclist Club (JACC) asked to me to cycle across Australia by bicycle with him. He wanted to across Nullarbor Plain by his original sailing bicycle. It was his last challenge of his bicycle adventure.

Ikemoto cycled around Japan 1966-1967. And he cycled around the world 1968-1972. He visited 47 countries, cycled 41,840 km and he was first around the world cyclist in Japan. He founded JACC 1979. He likes adventure very much. He climbed up Mt. Killimanjaro with his bike 1978. He made sailing bike 1982 and he wanted to cycle, but he could not do. Because he could not get enough holiday time.

Now, it is time to his last dream comes true. But he got old man, and he lost strong energy to do by himself alone. So, he asked to me to support his challenge.

Panasonic, SHIMANO and some Japanese companies supported our project. Ikemoto made sail and write a message, “Thank you supporting a big earthquake”. Australian gave us great support at eastern Japan earthquake. We hope to promote “Peace of the World”.

We will start Adelaide January 13th 2012, and we will finish Perth February 25th 2012. We hope to meet many nice people on our road and have good tail wind.

Alvaro Neil (Biciclown) birthday

English Posted on %AM, July 18 2011 03:07:11

17-July-2001 Toyonaka (Osaka)

Around the world bicyclist Alvaro Neil (Biciclown) arrived Osaka after 6 month cycling in Japan. (62th country, 92,700km) He left his house Oviedo, Spain 2004. He cycled around Africa and crossed Asia. He arrived last his Asian country in Japan January 2011. He made his performance at Sendai stricken area and made smile from victims. Finally he will leave Japan tomorrow 18th July by airplane to Australia.

It is his 44th birthday 17th July. My family and friends celebrate his birthday.

Buen viaje!

Teaser Biciclown(Youtube)

Japan cycling-Salva Rodriguez

English Posted on %AM, May 25 2011 06:05:04

25-May-2011 Cycling story in Japan from Salva (Spanish around the world cyclist 2006-2014)

About Japan… there has not been a single day without I said ‘Japan is great’ and in the same day ‘Japan is terrible’.

I think it is a unique country and very strong culture but too much money and too much worries about to get more money. I do not see japanese people enjoying life. There is no relax ever, too much social pressure and very tight behavier.

I liked mountains and small villages, specially those around Shimonita valleys in Gumma prefecture, very quiet, not 7eleven, no traffic and beautiful traditional houses. Also beautiful temples with good atmosphere, wabi sabi. But cities are full of material things, colours and no room for one more tree or one more shop.

To cycle in Japan is very easy, no worries at all. Everywhere there is a public toilet with toilet paper, water, and food. I camped without problems in parks, rivers, museums, shrines… there is always a public place in every town. So it means that neither there is feeling of adventure or challenge. But to cook is a problem if somebody sees you heating the stove, they think you are making fire and they call police. They said I am a criminal! But I was angry because instead of coming to ask me, they call police.

Food in supermarkets is not that expensive. Always there are offers and I lived under 10$ always, maybe 6-8$ a day.

To have a bath is more difficult, specially in cold days. To find a river without anybody looking around can be difficult, but also possible. Sometimes I bath in a river but not very hidden and it was ok. Many villages in mountains have free onsen and sometimes I paid for cheap onsen about 300-400 yen, to relax. I love onsen culture, this is really great.

Weather is a problem since winter is very long and it rains too much. I spent many days without moving, just raining and raining, sometimes snowing. And everyday, after 9-10 am, the wind starts and it is usually very strong. Not many good sunny days in Japan for me.

Spring time was spectacular, with Sakura. But not only Sakura, this is just the beginning of many different flowers blosooming. It is spectacular how many different flowers and beautiful trees are in Japan. And many rivers and forests. I think Japan mountains are very nice for cycling, very beautiful.

People sometimes is very kind and generous. Very often they greeted me, tell me gambate kudasai, and also give me coffee or some rice triangles, or drinks or chocolates. Sometimes money too.

But most of the time they ignored me, I felt very lonely in Japan. Nobody wants to speak or spend a while talking. They go on their own and are not interested in sharing life with an stranger, not interested in meeting different style of life. Many days I did not speak with anybody and I felt sad.

Sometimes they can be very hard heart, and when it was raining, my tent was wet, I asked in temples if I could sleep outside, under the roof outside, and they said ‘no’ while the rain was pouring on me. I felt very sad for them. So I learnt to not ask and I waited for night and went inside a temple area, looked for a roof and slept there. If they see me, they do not say anything because they maybe do not want to confront an unusual situation, maybe arguing, so they expect I will leave in the morning and that is.

But japanese people have very good manners, very polite and they love beauty, small things, I like these things too. They always try to help me when I asked, but after that there is nothing else, they do not want to have a new friend and they leave.

So, maybe Japan is not a place for open spaces neither adventure, but it is a excellent country for a holiday cycling. The safest country in the world, clean, with facilities every km, and kind people.

If you want different things… like feelings, emotions, friendship, maybe Japan is not the best country.

I would like that majority japanese people were like minority japanese. Japanese people have a kind nature and if they travel abroad they develop feelings and relaxed behavieur, they want to share, to talk, and they are not worried about tight rules.

Also I learnt many good japanese things, like sense of honor and responsability, and effort to do things very perfect, beautiful. And the way that they make a family of the working collegues, but all these things and more, I learnt working and living with my friends, not cycling. This experience has been very good. I like self control japanese very much, very useful for life. Also I like that they care for everyone wishes and priorities.



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