22-06-2015 Kobe, Japan

Mr. Lorenzo Lojo who is around the world cyclist from Spain(basque) arrived to Kobe. (left) He cycled 195,000km, 89 countries for 18 years. He cycled Kyusyu, Shikoku and Honshu in Japan. He is heading to eastern Japan, Gunma-ken and Fukushima-ken to meet some his friends. When I talk with him, he gave me many travel information that I already forgot. I remembered many my friends name who are also his friends. Traveling by bicycle is how nice! It has freedom. I wish he has safe trip until finish his trip.

The man (right side) is Mr. Kim who is Lorenzo’s host in Kobe. Kim is triathlon man. He loved bicycle travel very much. Kim got XTERRA Warrior Award 2007.