22-Feb. 2012 Perth, Australia

Mr. Ikemoto and I could make presentation at primary school in Perth. My new friend Conrad and Vanessa invited us. I told students that how wonderful to see the real world by ourselves. We could make many friends on the road. Of course it is not always easy, I sometimes got bad troubles. We must learn how to survive… Children seems very exciting.

Our journey was over. We could finish our cycling between Adelaide and Perth. Mr. Ikemoto was so happy to finish our mission. Because he was so tired to pedal everyday. Of course his age (64 years old) let him so tired. It is not easy to cycle 70 km everyday with many luggage for his age.

We spent 45 days in Australia. We cycled 2907 km. We move between 25km and 130km everyday. It was 47 degrees at hottest time. tired, hungry, thirsty, painful,hot, cold,….There are some trials.

The Nullarbor Plain 1200km, we spent 2 weeks. There is no towns. The landscape was not change many days…forest and prairie. We can not see such a wild area in Japan. There is great wild landscape. We saw a lot of dead Kangaroos everyday. It means there is a lot of wild kangaroos live in. We drink a lot of Coca Cola. We spent a lot of money for accommodation and food when we arrived roadhouses. A bottle of water (1.5 little) was 6.5 Australian dollar (5.2 Euro) at Nullarbor Plain. We often eat chips (fried potato) and white bread. We always wanted to eat fresh vegetables and to drink cold drinks. It was nice to meet people at isolated area. Some travelers gave us food and water. We met Conrad on the road. He invited us to stay his house in Perth. Finally we arrived Perth and could spend great time with his family. I am very happy to meet new friends! Thanks a lot!