24-12-2011 Osaka, Japan

Mr. Motomitsu Ikemoto (right) 64 years old who is president of Japan Adventure Cyclist Club (JACC) asked to me to cycle across Australia by bicycle with him. He wanted to across Nullarbor Plain by his original sailing bicycle. It was his last challenge of his bicycle adventure.

Ikemoto cycled around Japan 1966-1967. And he cycled around the world 1968-1972. He visited 47 countries, cycled 41,840 km and he was first around the world cyclist in Japan. He founded JACC 1979. He likes adventure very much. He climbed up Mt. Killimanjaro with his bike 1978. He made sailing bike 1982 and he wanted to cycle, but he could not do. Because he could not get enough holiday time.

Now, it is time to his last dream comes true. But he got old man, and he lost strong energy to do by himself alone. So, he asked to me to support his challenge.

Panasonic, SHIMANO and some Japanese companies supported our project. Ikemoto made sail and write a message, “Thank you supporting a big earthquake”. Australian gave us great support at eastern Japan earthquake. We hope to promote “Peace of the World”.

We will start Adelaide January 13th 2012, and we will finish Perth February 25th 2012. We hope to meet many nice people on our road and have good tail wind.