07-12-2010 Kobe, Japan

We celebrate birthday of Salva Rodriguez. Salva is sports teacher who travel around the world by bicycle from Granada, Spain. He has been on the road since 2006 and cycled 90,000km. (2006-2015) He visited around Africa, Asia and he arrived to Japan 03-December after cold Siberia. He stays his friend’s house in Kobe at this moment. Mr. Kim’s family are invited him to stay and they help him very well. He will rest at there some days and he will cycle around Japan before he goes to America.

(Mother of Kim, Kim, Salva, father of Kim, Akari, Marcin・・・picture from left)

On his 34th birthday(07-12-2005) he said “bye bye!” to his family and friends, packed the basic necessities, put them on his bicycle and started to travel towards Africa. When he reached South Africa, it was clear that the trip was going well, so he went further to Egypt.The 3rd year of the trip, his friends and family started to ask when he was going to be back home. He had no plan, no answer. He decided to cycle the whole world in about 9 years, and this is what his answer.

5 years passed, he sometimes misses his beloved people. He has seen wonderful new places, impressive cultures, and also meets new friends every day. He does not own his house. His life is simple and he has only a few belongings and little money to spend every day. But he is rich man to have freedom. He said to you, “Please switch off the TV and switch on your eyes on your heart. This world is not dangerous. It is wonderful places, filled with good people who want to live in peace, learn about differences and help each other. We all want to be happy and make you feel happy. So simple, so true.”

contact: salva2africa@yahoo.es