14-01-2010 Osaka, Japan

“No money is no honey.” When I met Heinz Stücke, he always make joke to me. The time passed 2 and half years after we met at France last time… I have no job after I came back to Japan 3 month ago and not happy at this moment..

Mr. Heinz Stücke who is German around the world cyclist. He left his country 1962 and he still keep going his bike journey. He got record of Guinness for longest travel man 1995. He visited all countries and he will reach second Guinness record of most territory visited man. He cycled 592000 km by bicycle. He celebrated 70 years old 11th of January 2010 in Japan. I wanted celebrate his birthday in Japan. Because I met him 7 times on my road of around the world trip. http://www.bikechina.com/heinzstucke1z.html

His target to visit Japan was to visit Ogasawara islands-Chichi jima. He came to see me in Osaka after he visited Chichi jima. I was so happy to meet him again. When I saw him 13th january, he looks same and nothing change from last meeting. Good health and friendly man. He has only 2 and half day to stay in Osaka. The time passed very fast. He left Japan from Kansai airport to Paris at midnight of 15th January. He will join to adventure festival in Paris. then he will go to Germany and take a ship to northern Canada in this summer time. He made me laugh and gave me a lot of energy to live on the same earth. I wish he can be success to do his dream. Thank you Heinz to visit me!

(photo-Heinz Stücke with member of JACC=Japan Adventure Cyclist Club… Heinz,Emiko,Yuka from left)

Emiko and Steve Seal http://www.bicyclingworldtour.com/

Facts and figures of Heinz Stücke:

195 countries visited

73 Territories-Regions-Associated States seen

48 years on the road

20 passports filled

6 times bike stolen and recovered

Some more info about Heinz Stücke on Andrew and Friedel’s website: http://travellingtwo.com/3341 http://travellingtwo.com/4570 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsYhRfZKV5U