04-09-2009 Xi’an(西安市), Shaanxi,China(中国) km:150,046

My bicycle (DaisukeBike) and me pedaled over 150,000 km!

I use this same bike from starting of my journey 23/July/1998. I visited 129 different countries with this bicycle until now. I met many good friends at all over the world. My bike made by steel but the flame have never broke. I changed 81 tyres in these 11 years. I also changed several times at many different parts of my bicycle for example wheels,chains, breaks, cables, bottom brackets, derailleurs, pedals, saddles… often my good bicycle friends helped me and bike shops. I fixed flat tires more than 200 times by myself.

10th October 2009, I will be back home (My parents house near Osaka, Japan).

I am heading Beijing where Spanish cyclist invited me to stay his place.

Shaanxi province remained the political heart of China until the 10th century. The capital city is Xi’an. There is known as Chang’an was once the terminus of the Silk Road. There are many historical things around Xi’an for example Terracotta Worries, the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi, the Muslim Quarter, City Wall and so on. The city of Xian itself is modern city and I did not feel great history.