01-09-2009 Chengdu(成都市), Sichuan(四川省),China(中国)

I arrived to Chengdu. Mr. Nico who is Argentinian cyclist and photographer working here invited me to stay his apartment house. Nico is very kind man and he has many experiences of bicycle traveling. He is a member of Couchsurfing http://www.couchsurfing.org/ I am very happy to find new friend here in China. Spanish around the world cyclist Salva contacted him for me. Thanks!!

His Blog de China en – Nico’s China Blog at http://nicoenchina.blogspot.com
His Blog viajero en – Nico’s travelling Blog at http://nico3d.blogspot.com
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Sichuan province is east of Tibet.
In the north Jinzhaigon Nature Reserve receives more than a million visitors every year.
Emei Shan is one of the China’s holy Buddhist mountain.
70 m high Giant Buddha tower is in Leshan city.
Wild Giant Panda live in this province.
The famous Sichuan food is too spicy for me!

A devastating earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale hit the central province killed more than 65,000 people 12 May 2008.