19-08-2008 Kunming(昆明市), Yunnan(雲南省), China(中国)

I went to Richland International Hospital to repair my leg illness (skin abscess). It seems very nice and expensive hospital. I told assistant lady that I am a bicycle traveler on the road 11 years and I do not have much money. The assistant lady who can speak English very well was very helpful and friendly. She took me to the counseling room of professional skin doctor. Skin doctor was old woman who can not speak English. But assistant lady explain about my situation. She checked my left leg and skin abscess. She told me that I must take Ampicillin Capsule (0.5g) 3 times a day for 5 days. This medicine is antibiotics. Then the young man doctor put a disinfectant to my abscess. He told me that I must come to 3 more days to treat abscess. I paied only for price of medicine. I was happy that I knew my skin abscess was not so bad. It was cost me 55 yuan (8.5 US dollar). I do not know how long, how many times I must come to thishospital to treat.

I found good bike shop. They have Simano bicycle’s parts. Also they have good mechanics. They changed chain, free cassette, bottom-blacket, shaft of back wheel, cables of 2 shift change. I also bought new tire and 2 spare tubes. It cost me 620 yuan (100 US dollar).

I spend a lot of money today. But I am happy that my health gets well and my bike also gets well.
Several my good friends suggest me to go to hospital. It is true. Thank you good suggestion.

Richland International Hospital: Beijing Lu, Yanchang Xian extension, Kunming city

Bike Shop: No.51 unit 5 of Beimen RD, Kunming city

Kunming city is 1890 m above sea level and nice climate populated more than 1 million. There is modern city and not much things to see at this boring city. Shilin (stone mountain) is famous tourist attraction only 120 km away. But the entrance fee cost 140 yuan (21 US dollar) is too much for me!